A Merry Local Christmas

Shoppers are encouraged to make it A Merry Local Christmas by shopping and supporting local businesses and organizations this holiday season!

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Celebrate Supporting Local

Local businesses are more than just a place to shop – they are a part of our community’s backbone and care deeply about our region.

They employ our family and friends, donate to sports teams and charities, and invest in the community in so many other ways. You invest in our city and neighbouring communities when you support local.

Why Support Local?

#1 Community Character
Local businesses reflect the needs of the community they serve. They offer unique products and services that create a distinctive community. Distinctiveness can also provide an economic advantage.

#2 Community Investment
Business owners live and invest themselves in the communities in which they operate. They have a keen interest in their community’s well-being and future.

#3 Community Support
Local businesses support local causes. They contribute to local charities, support sports teams and clubs, and donate products and services.

#4 Community Prosperity
Money spent with local businesses is re-circulated in the local economy, benefiting the whole community.

#5 Customer Service
Local businesses provide service that matches the needs of their customers. They hire people that are knowledgeable about what is important to the people in the community.

#6 Selection
Local businesses can offer common and unique products and services. Product selection is based on the interests and needs of local customers.

#7 Local Jobs
Local businesses provide jobs for residents and are one of the largest employers nationwide.

#8 Sustainability
Local businesses use local public services to operate, as well as help sustain vibrant town centers.

#9 Local Decision Making
Local ownership ensures that the people who will feel the impacts of important decisions are part of the decision-making process.

#10 Do the Math
Consider gas, meals, shipping fees, traffic and long line ups and avoid all of it by staying local.